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East Harlem New York Drug Store Services

Natural & Herbal Vitamins in New York, New York
Our neighborhood pharmacy in New York, New York, caters to the Spanish population with Spanish products that include ethnic cosmetics, oils, and spirits, as well as natural and herbal vitamins. We also target the senior citizen community with free services.

Free Services
East Harlem Online Pharmacy, Inc. offers free pickup and delivery, free blood pressure testing, and free customized patient’s records. We also offer fax, copy, and email services. Seniors who have patronized us for a long time may receive free copy service.

Other Special Offerings

  • Buy One Get One Free on Select Vitamins
  • Special Deliveries outside of the Areas to as Far as the Outer Regions of Staten Island
  • A Wide Range of Natural Products including Bell™ Products & Herbal Tea House Products
  • A Variety of “as Seen on TV Products”

Broad Insurance Coverage
We accept most insurance, including Medicaid™, Medicare Part D, and Union plans. We also offer copayment assistance for Medicaid and Medicare dual eligible. We accept all over-the-counter (OTC) drug cards for approved items.